Come with us to Manchester and experience a trip that’s filled with both service and adventure. It’s a LeaderTreks mission trip with ton of exciting experiences that await you.  About 20 miles outside of London, Kentucky is the small town of Manchester. We will be partnering with local pastors to improve the lives of some of the poorest people in America. Through the local church we will help people who need work on their homes. This gives us the opportunity to help people in their greatest need while insuring that follow-up by the local pastors will take place. We will be doing service projects ranging from yard clean-up to building fences and everything in between. We will be doing a relational outreach program at a local church or in a local neighborhood.  Our last day will be an adventure day of hiking the Red River Gorge.  To top this all  off you will learn what it means to be a servant leader and true disciple of Jesus. 

Cost:  $250

(Make Checks To: Church of the Savior) 


JUNE 9, 2019