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Lexington, Kentucky

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Pursuit Student Ministry is the Student Ministry of Church of the Savior,

a non-denominational church located on the southwest side of Lexington, Kentucky.  

We are dedicated to providing an authentic community for middle & high school students to connect with God, other students, and our community. Through outreach activities, small groups and local service projects, our aim is to create intentional opportunities for students to develop into strong disciples and leaders who pursue a relationship with the Lord.




Our Vision

Pursuit Student Ministry exists to inspire students to gain a lasting authentic faith in Jesus Christ and to empower them to actively fulfill the mission of God.

Our Mission

The mission of Pursuit Student Ministry is to guide students in discovering their God-given purpose and identity through intentional discipleship and leadership development.


Our Values

Intentional Discipleship
Shared Grace
Authentic Relationships
Servant Leadership



Regular Pursuit meetings consist of games or time to hang out, student-led worship, Inducitve Bible study in small groups and a open mic wrap up at the end of the evening where students can share what they learned. This time is inviting for Christian and non-Christian teens alike. The heartbeat of our meetings is our small group time. These are age and gender-specific groups of 5-10 students led by 1-2 adult leaders. These groups meet during Pursuit each week, but also throughout the year at off-campus gatherings and serving opportunities designed to develop deeper relationships and open a door for discipleship and leadership development. 


High School Pursuit

Sunday 6:00 - 8:00 pm - COS Student Center


Middle School Pursuit

Wednesday 6:30 - 8:00 pm - COS Student Center.



upcoming events




join our team

Interested in investing in the lives of Middle School or High School Students?       

Contact us to set up an appointment by scrolling to the Contact Us section below and

tell us if you are interested in working with Middle School (Wednesday Nights) or High School students (Sunday Nights).


We look forward to potentially adding you to our growing team of amazing youth workers.   


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